Indian Wells, producer Pietro Iannuzzi from southern Italy, is set to release his third album ‘Where The World Ends’ via LA based Friends Of Friends on 8th September 2017.

Without the need for words, "Where The World Ends" describes physical and mental boundaries as well as their abolition. Geographical, social and political isolation. Mountains that limit the gaze but at the same time push to overcome them. It is about contrasts and mixes, about colors, cultures, cuts. And suddenly, it evokes the blackest black and the end of the world, or perhaps a hope for a new beginning. Thanks to Indian Wells and Fof Music for believing in me and giving me the chance to do what I like the most, thanks to Claudio Gallo and a special thanks also to Vincenzo De Maria for his contribution and kind support. You can find this album on vinyl in several physical and online shops in the US and Europe, cd format available in Japan
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